Graffiti ! vexatious or pleasing?

What is art? What the basic purpose of art. What really public art functions for or is that it meant for vandalism. Is there any role of art in making world beautiful and a better place,or its only function is to attain beautification? A lot of ideas arise whenever we think about this. Art is really very vast field many functions come under this realm. Art is one form human behavior that suggests to us or helps us to convey our selves . Everybody is an artist himself and one who decides to focus on the development of this language and those who succeed to get some good grip on it, become known in the society. We work and earn for our basic needs of livelihood like food, education, travel etc. But when we do work to get art or buy art. Is there any conscious effort that we make for having art in our daily life? No, we don’t! Because art never comes in a very direct way in our life. People always go to see art in art exhibitions, shows, art fairs or in galleries/ museums, but very few realize the basics forms of art present in environment in the form of wall murals like graffiti, scribble, commercials on wall or sculpture and installation in the public places. That always makes an impact in our unconscious mind. Which drives us to make our basic thinking and concepts on the happenings of daily life our unconsciousness. The very basic fact of our life is that we can’t ignore the things that we see in everyday life or in our surroundings, no matter how we can un-notice the things but they always impact our subconsciousness.
And graffiti
Basically graffiti are writing or drawings that have been scribbled, scratched, or painted illicitly on a wall or other surface in the public area.
‘’Graffiti is not an art in itself , it’s an application of medium on a surface illicitly. I am not an art critic but can surely say that hell what they painted over the car At the Grand Concourse 149th Street station in the Bronx’’ an cop says.[From documentary Style War]
So graffiti almost considered as a crime in various places over the globe and there are many strict laws and the punishments when some one caught once , twice or thrice. As in Singapore police have declared if any one caught thrice doing graffiti would be imprisoned and will be fined too. It’s a hip hop culture that brought the trend of graffiti and painting on walls as crime in the public before that it was normally considered as the nature of some people. Vandalism is one the major component that cant be ignored, started a very long before roughly can say that Dadaism was the main period that introduced but nowadays it’s a trend in the field of art that people use to express their self. May be or may not a correct way to express.
We always see scribbles on the heritage sites, most of them are like love proposals, slogans or bad languages. They do nothing but destroy the most valuable heritage property that do not belongs to them. Anyway ! Why people do that ? But why on the walls only? People (read idiots) who scribble on these monuments think they are making their names eternal and they are always right. but it’s not like that. They are practically damaging the beauty of those historical monuments and causing them to deteriorate before time.

Scribbles on the heritage sites

As we already discussed before that its all about make the feeling And emotion lasting. People use to do that where ever they get chance On either it is wet cement or a heritage site.
Images from Rock Garden Chandigarh, India
Scribbling’s on the class board before teacher enters in the class. Where we can find a very huge curiosity, excitement and anxiety as well. Here on thing that is similar and correspondence to the time is , scribble writings on the board, walls and even in the toilets of the academic. Writings about the fellow students or their teachers. It is graffiti in the form of scribble that many people use to do when no body is watching. Well! We can accept things done by adults , because they may want their feelings to be eternal, but why toddlers do scribbles on the walls of houses and school. Here we have one reason that why toddlers do that because their ancestors scribbled on cave walls about 40,000 years ago. Your little primitive needs a little time to learn the rules of civilized society and discover other materials. Really, he does not understand why writing on walls is wrong and it will take time for toddler’s cognitive development.
Images from Govt. College of art Chandigarh
Ads on wall/ One who know the value
One thing that easily and can everywhere spotted is Commercials on the walls. Rural and Urban areas are occupied and filled with the full wall sized wall painted commercials with the ads of brands, political election campaigns and promotional content.
Why ? Because all they know the value, of the way that can help them to put the idea very easily in the mind of masses. Brainwash with the quotes and banners to make the things repeatedly fit in the thinking.
And they use it.
Protest on walls Aggression, anger, protest and rebel is basic nature that human has already in itself. Educational and social places are often covered with the slogans of protest and aggression about someone. People use walls to express their self in useful way. Like slogans and quotes of revolution and revolt. Educational Spaces like JNU, Aligarh University, BH University, Hyderabad University and many other spaces have been filled up with graffiti on walls.
An artistic transformation of Tiharjail. Asia’s largest prison complex now flaunts the country’s largest mural –spread over 968 meters, it is a blend of amazing beautiful artwork and lyrics of a poem painted in the prominent street art textual style done by extremely skilled artists.
Same way slogans on the walls in the favor of humanity, patriotism or for environmentalist approach. Randomness of thought and can very easily spotted on the walls of cities and villages. Here we found one another perspective of graffiti. Its understood that one who is doing, wants the idea or message to be permanent and more louder to the people.
But sometimes people do it in very planned and skillful way. So that spectator can take more interest and the thought could be more convincing.
Simple and clear aspect, black and white style of stencil graffiti is very popular and folks love that. We have a huge number of artists around the globe who are doing work in the same way. When you want to say your thing simply with the point we use formal limited words. Black and white graffiti style is same trend in the field.
Imagery will take impact as much as it is skillfully or amazing it has been executed on walls. One should be serious with the execution as the idea is. Other wise people will reflect. Dictom‘diwargandikrrkhihai’.

Social Campaigns A land procurement protest and activity for the landless people in Punjab. That supposed to have a reserved piece of land in every village in state but some big powers has controlled that property with money and muscle power. So it was the artistic wall painting campaign for the Dalitsjust make them aware of the rights and an artist named Simarjeet Singh did wall graffiti in more than 25 village in Sangrur and Barnala district of Punjab. It is one function of art that spread something positively useful for social development. One most good thing that artist said is, Everybody was very happy to see some useful content the walls and they invited artist to paint on the walls of their locality.
ZPSC (ZameenPraptiSangarshCommittee) 2014, Sangrur, Punjab.

A group of artists known as the Germ Collective have spent 14 months turning the hillside in the neighborhood of Las Palmitas, in Mexico, into a giant colorful mural. The idea is to bring the working-class, the so called “barrio”, together and change the image of the neighborhood and its people. Residents and muralists worked together to paint the facades of over 200 homes.
A word in itself brings us to comfort and pleasure, No doubt beauty matters to us and every one. As frustrated, aggressive violent content and bad language scribbles in graffiti matters to surroundings and creates uncomfortable atmosphere same as in opposite beautiful art brings positive energy in the people. A documentary by BBC Titled ‘ Why beauty matters’ defines the value of beauty in contrast between purpose solve architecture and beautifully designed building. That says beatification of the environment reliefs us from the tiredness from work. And it matters as friendship and love matters to all human beings.

The festival has been conceptualized on the pattern of such art festivals being held in US & European countries. A wholesome blend of cuisine and Art forms to provide a unique experience to visitors. This Festival shall be spread over the vast area adjoining the lake and also on the road leading from Rock Garden to Sukhna Lake. The Street Art Festival where almost 700Mts. long graffiti done on the both sides of road by the students from Govt.College of Art, Chandigarh, 2013 Street art festival Chandigarh, 2013
A lot of the walls came in the form of a barter. The wall owners would permit artist to paint, but in return they would often ask for a piece in return. Inkbrushnme’s piece (Above) was in return of a mural of Lord Hanuman. Yantr’s piece (below) was supported with a mural of a scene from the epic Mahabharata.
Photos courtesy of Harshvardhan Kadam
Mural in Lodhi colony of Delhi has been painted by, ST+ART foundation of India. A non Profit Indian organization that works for public mural painting and graffiti on the walls of Cities like Delhi and Mumbai.
Delhi is the most populated and crowded city in the country. People are so busy with there life. Pollution, traffic and puzzled environment is the biggest problem in the city but here from last two or three years a group of artists has came under existence that made a very drastic change in the city with colorful and stunning wall murals and graffiti in the public places and houses.