Welcome to artkaireatelier

the portfolio of Punjab born, Chandigarh based artist and psd web designer Dharampal Singh. I believe that their is very lil difference between making an art piece or a web design. On the both side we have a canvas to put our creative potential on that and here i am sharing mine. Every artist comes with special super power creative achievements and along with them lot of social responsibilities. We are the one who have very big responsibility to beautify this world and to create amazing artworks to spread the positive vibes around in the ambiance.

"Beautiful design made simple with the power of THE ARTIST INSIDE"

Who i am and what i do! 

Hello, I’m Dharampal Singh.I am an administrator and arbitrator. In real life, I am an artist and rescue male infant buffaloes. Actually, in Punjab, there is a very inhuman custom, wherein, when a buffalo give birth to a male infant, it is often not allowed to drink its mother’s milk and as a result, the poor thing dies within a few days relieving the family from rearing an unproductive animal. I and a couple of my friends were very moved on the plight of these beings, so we started rescuing them.

Dharampal Singh Artist