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Author Sahana Singh recently made a tweet about Dharampal’s letter to Indian Parliament (1962).  The digital copy of the original letter below
Cow-Slaughter in India
Tamil translation of Dharampalji's book with T.M. Mukundan The British Origin of Cow-Slaughter in India: with some British Documents on the Anti-Kine-Killing Movement 1880- 1894. Mussoorie: Society for Integrated Development of Himalayas [SIDH], 2002. Translated by B.R. Mahadevan, it is published under the aegis of the New Horizon Media Pvt. Ltd
beautiful tree
Dh centenary
Inaugural Session - Introduction to Dharampalji's Contribution and its Relevance for the Present
Revitalizing India: Celebrating the Birth Centenary of Dharampal (1922- 2006). Centre for Indic Studies, Indus University, Ahmedabad and the Gandhi Research Foundation, Jalgaon cordially Invite you to join a year-long Webathon (July 2021 - June 2022) Introduction to Dharampalji’s Contribution and its relevance for the present.  Event date: Sat, Jul 24 2021, 3:30 - 5:30pm  
Azhagiya India
New Publication in Tamil: Azhagiya India: Dharampalin Ezhuthukaluku or arimugam, by Dharampal (in Tamil B.R.Mahadevan).  Translated the Tamil title means: "Beautiful India: An Introduction to the works of Dharampal". Chennai: Kizhakku pathipagam, February 2021, 264 pages. Price: Rs.300
Shri Dharampal’s birth centenary year
This Guru Purnima (24th July, 3.30- 5:30 pm) we are launching a special series of monthly discussions in honour of one of India’s most well-known Gandhian historians: Shri Dharampal (1922-2006) authored, among many other thought-provoking books and articles, the pioneering work titled The Beautiful Tree (1983) that described the state of education in India on the eve of British rule.