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Published Works


Books & Seminal Articles

  1. Panchayat Raj as the Basis of Indian Polity: An Exploration into the Proceedings of the Constituent Assembly. Foreword by Jayaprakash Narayan. New Delhi: AVARD, 1962.
  2. Indian Science and Technology in the Eighteenth Century: Some Contemporary European Accounts. Foreword by Dr. D.S. Kothari and Introduction by Dr. William A. Blanpeid. Delhi: Impex India, 1971. Reprinted by Academy of Gandhian Studies, Hyderabad, 1983.
  3. Civil Disobedience and Indian Tradition: with Some Early Nineteenth Century Documents. Foreword by Jayaprakash Narayan. Varanasi: Sarva Seva Sangh Prakashan, 1971.
  4. The Madras Panchayat System, vol. II: A General Assessment. Delhi: Impex India, 1972.
  5. The Beautiful Tree: Indigenous Indian Education in the Eighteenth Century. New Delhi: Biblia Impex, 1983. Reprinted by Keerthi Publishing House Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore, 1995.
  6. Some Aspects of Early Indian Society and Polity and their Relevance to the Present. Pune: Indian Association for Cultural Freedom (New Quest, vols.56-58), 1986. Marathi translation, Paramparik Bharatiya Samajik Va Rajkiya Vyavastha Ani Nava Bharatachi Ubharani . Navabharata Masik, 1987; Hindi translation, Angrezon se pehale ka Bharat. Vidisha/ Calcutta: Shatabdi Prakashan, 1988; Tamil translation by K. Ramasubramanian, Mundeya India Samudayam, Arasamaippu, Sila Amsanga: Avattrin Inreya Poruttam. Chennai: Cre-A, 1992.
  7. Bharatiya Chitta, Manas va Kala (Hindi). Patna: Pushpa Prakashan, and Chennai: Centre for Policy Studies, 1991. English translation (with a Preface and Glossary) by Jitendra Bajaj, Bharatiya Chitta, Manas and Kala. Chennai: Centre for Policy Studies, 1993. Kannada translation by S.R. Ramaswamy, Bharatiya Chithha, Manasikathe, Kaala, Rashtrotthana Sahitya, Bangalore, 1996.
  8. Bharat ka Svadharma (Hindi). Bikaner: Vagdevi Prakashan, 1993.
  9. “India’s Polity, its Characteristics and Current Problems.” In The Origins of the Modern State in Europe, 13th to 18th Century: The Heritage of the Pre-industrial European State, edited by Wolfgang Reinhard, 137–163. Lisbon: 1996. Originally presented as a paper at a conference organised by the European Science Foundation, Lisbon, April 1992.
  10. Undamming the Flow.” In Ayodhya and the Future India, edited by J.K. Bajaj, 213–238. Chennai: Centre for Policy Studies, 1993.
  11. India before British Rule and the Basis for India’s Resurgence. Wardha: Gandhi Seva Sangh, 1998.
  12. Despoliation and Defaming of India: The Early Nineteenth Century British Crusade. Wardha: Bharat Peetham, 1999. (Summary1, Summary2, Summary3 by Manu Kohli)
  13. With T.M. Mukundan, The British Origin of Cow-Slaughter in India: with some British Documents on the Anti-Kine-Killing Movement 1880- 1894. Mussoorie: Society for Integrated Development of Himalayas [SIDH], 2002. Hindi rendering, Bharat mein Gauraksha Va Gauvansh Vadh Bund karne ke Sandharv mein kuchh tathya evam Vichaar. Mussoorie: Society for integrated Development of Himalayas [SIDH], 2002.
  14. 'பிரிட்டிஷ் இந்தியாவில் பசுவதையும் எதிர்ப்பும்' தரம்பால், T.M. முகுந்தனின் புத்தகம் தமிழில் மொழி பெயர்ப்பு. மொழி பெயர்ப்பு: B. R. மகாதேவன். பதிப்பகம் : நியூ ஹாரிஸ்ன் மீடியா பிரைவேட் லிமிடெட். 
  15. Understanding Gandhi. Mapusa: Other India Press, 2003. Tamil translation by Janakipriyan, Gandhiyai aridal. Nagercoil: Kalachuvadu Pathippagam, 2010.
  16. Rediscovering India: Collection of Essays and Speeches (1956–1998). Mussoorie: Society for Integrated Development of Himalayas, 2003. Hindi rendering, Bharat kee Pehchaan: Dharampal Kee Drishtee mein. Mussoorie: SIDH, 2003.
  17. Mati, Smriti aur Prajna (Conversations with Udayan Vajpeyi). New Delhi: Vani Prakashan, 2003.

Nos.1–7 & 9 above, along with some other articles by Dharampal published as Dharampal: Collected Writings, 5 volumes. Mapusa: Other India Press, 2000; reissued 2003 & 2007

Gujarati translation of 1–14 above, with some other essays by Dharampal, published as Dharampal Samagra Lekhan, 11 volumes, edited by Indumati Katdare. Ahmedabad: Punarutthan Trust, 2005.

Hindi translation of 1–14 above, including other articles by Dharampal, in 10 volumes, Dharampal Samagra Lekhan, edited by Indumati Katdare, Ahmedabad: Punarutthan Trust, 2007.


Some Early Writings

  1. “A World Council for Satyagraha.” Peace News, May 24, 1957. Republished in Rediscovering India. Mussoorie: SIDH, 2003.
  2. “A Surfeit of Planning: Where are the People?” AVARD Newsletter, July–August, 1960. Republished in Rediscovering India. Mussoorie: SIDH, 2003.
  3. “Towards an Integrated Society: Role of Voluntary Action and the State.” AVARD Newsletter, May–July, 1961.
  4. Gandhi Smarak Nidhi: Need for a New Orientation.” AVARD Newsletter, July–August 1962.
  5. “Letter to all Members of Parliament.” November 21, 1962. Republished in Rediscovering India. Mussoorie: SIDH, 2003.
  6. “Role of Gandhians in Nation Building: A Plea for Rethinking.” Janata Weekly, May 1964. Republished in Rediscovering India. Mussoorie: SIDH, 2003.
  7. “The Problem of Apathy: An Enquiry into the Beginning of British Rule in India.” March 1965 (manuscript).
  8. “In-built Contradiction between the British structured Indian State and Indigenous, or even Statutory, Local Communities or Panchayats.” July 1-5, 1965. First draft for the Introduction of The Madras Panchayat System: A Study, 1963-1965.


Research Drafts on 18th–19th century India

  1. “Nature of Indian Society (ca.1800) and the Foundations of the Present Structure: A Note and some Illustrative Material.” April 1967.
  2. “Britain and India: Encounter and Basic Comparison.” 1969–70.
  3. “Indigenous Political Resurgence and its Opponents.” 1969–70.
  4. “Institutionalisation of Callousness and Cruelty.” 1969–70.
  5. “Indian Revenue and its Allocations.” 1969–70.
  6. “A Note on Muslim and British Revenue Precedents.” 1969–70.
  7. “On Indian Agriculture.” 1969–70.
  8. “On Indian Iron and Steel.” 1969–70.
  9. On Indian Astronomy.” 1969–70.
  10. “Nature of Archival Material and Narratives.” 1969–70.
  11. “European Urges of Conquest.” 1969–70.
  12. “On Britain and India, 18th–19th c.” 1969–70.
  13. “Britain, Moreland and Shri Ashok Mehta.” 1969–70.
  14. “On The Hindu World.” 1969–70.
  15. Extended correspondence (1965–1970) on important aspects of the British-Indian archival material with interested friends (Jayaprakash Narayan, R.K. Patil, Radhakrishna, Ram Swarup, et al.).
  16. “India at the Beginning of the European Impact: A Preliminary Note.” 1971.
  17. Statement for Seminar on Science, Technology and Society in 18th Century India, chaired by Prof. Nihar Ranjan Ray; sponsored by Gandhi Peace Foundation and Gandhian Institute of Studies, November 1–2, 1971. Inaugural address by Jayaprakash Narayan; Prof. P.R. Brahmanand’s Paper: “Dharampal’s researches and three Hypotheses on India’s Economic History during British Rule.”
  18. “A Proposal for a Centre for the Study of Indian Science and Society.” June 1972.
  19. “Some Aspects of Indian Science, Technology and Society before British Rule: with Remarks on Future Research.” 1972.
  20. “Centre for Indian Resources.” 1980.
  21. “Britain and India, 1750–1850 (outline of a proposed book).” Goa, 1983.
  22. “Religious and Cultural Institutions in South India: The Process of Decay and the Transition from Benefactors to Oppressors, 1750–1850.” March 1984.
  23. “India in the 17th and 18th Centuries and the Consolidation and Impact of British Rule: Note on Collected Material.” December 7, 1988.


Lectures and Essays (1978–1992)

  1. “India Seemingly in a Dying State”, April 2–4, 1971.
  2. “Determining India’s Future: Some Documents on British Policy for India: The Transfer of Power, vols.1–3: January 1942–June 1943.” Mainstream (1972): 27–32. Republished in Rediscovering India. Mussoorie: SIDH, 2003.
  3. Letter to Everyman, December 24, 1974 (concerning the ceremonial role of the President of India according to Pandit Nehru).
  4. “Integrating the Notified Tribes.” December 1977. Republished in Rediscovering India. Mussoorie: SIDH, 2003.
  5. “A Matter to Ponder Over Residences and Pensions for Members of Legislatures.” December 1977. Republished in Rediscovering India. Mussoorie: SIDH, 2003.
  6. “On the Indian Parliamentary System.” In Indian Nation, Patna, December, 1977.
  7. “Let us stop to think.” Sunday, October 8, 1978. Republished in Rediscovering India. Mussoorie: SIDH, 2003.
  8. “The Clash between India and Europe since the Eighteenth Century.” (Atharvi Satabadi Men Europe Aur Bharat ka Takrav), 1978. Three Lectures (mostly in Hindi) sponsored by Dinman and Gandhi Peace Foundation, Dinman, 1979.
  9. “Note on Scheduled Castes.” September 1980.
  10. “Erosion of Norms and Dignity, and Origins of Callousness, Pauperisation and Bondage in Modern India.” April 1981. Republished in Rediscovering India. Mussoorie: SIDH, 2003.
  11. “Note on the Bhagvad Gita.” December 1981.
  12. “The Question of Backwardness: A Tentative Approach.” December 1982. Lecture delivered at the Seminar on Backwardness at the Gandhian Institute of Studies, Varanasi. Republished in Rediscovering India. Mussoorie: SIDH, 2003.
  13. “The Question of India’s Development.” January 1983. Lecture delivered at a Seminar on Perspectives on India’s Development, IIT Bombay. Republished in Rediscovering India. Mussoorie: SIDH, 2003.
  14. “A Note on the Disruption and Disorganisation of Indian Society in the last Two Centuries.” PPST Bulletin 3/2 (1983): 18-47.
  15. “Our Village Schoolmaster.” (Review of Joseph Dibona, ed., One Teacher One School), Times of India, 1984.
  16. “The Genesis of the Weaker Sections and the Imperativeness of Understanding it for Restoring Dignity and Economic Justice to them.” May 1985. Lecture delivered at a seminar on Weaker Sections of Indian Society, Madurai Kamaraj University.
  17. “India’s Ailments and their Cure.” August 15, 1986.
  18. “Indigenous Indian Technological Talent and the Need for its Mobilisation.” PPST Bulletin 9 (1986): 5–20. Lecture delivered at the Birla Industrial and Technological Museum, Calcutta, October 1986. Republished in Dharampal: Collected Writings, 5 volumes. Mapusa: Other India Press, 2000, vol. 5.
  19. “India’s Response to the Loss of Freedom and Enslavement” (I), “Some Aspects of Indian State and Society prior to European Dominance II” (II), and “Indian Self-image: Future Prospects and Exploration of Possibilities” (III), Bangalore, October 1987. Three Lectures delivered at Rashtrotthana Parishad.
  20. “Self-Awakening of India: The Context of the Past, the Present and the Future.” PPST Bulletin 13/14 (1988): 1-31. Main text published in Manthan, VIII (7) (1988): 21, 8 (1988): 6-26, and 9 (1988): 39-60. Hindi translation published in three parts, Manthan, September, October and November 1988. Kannada translation published as Bharat Jagruti, Bangalore: Rashtrotthana Sahitya, 1989. Republished in Dharampal: Collected Writings, 5 volumes. Mapusa: Other India Press, 2000, vol.5.
  21. Talk delivered at the National Conference on Science and Technology through the Mother Tongue, Harcourt Butler Technological Institute, Kanpur, April 1987.
  22. “The Family and Community.” December 1987. (A note prepared for a conference in Madras).
  23. “On Five Hundred Years of European World Dominance.” Bangalore, June 1988. Republished in Rediscovering India. Mussoorie: SIDH, 2003.
  24. “Productivity of Indian Agriculture in Historical Perspective.” PPST Bulletin 19–20 (1990): 1–6. Talk given at the International Symposium on Natural Resource Management for Sustainable Agriculture, New Delhi, February 1990. Republished in Rediscovering India. Mussoorie: SIDH, 2003.
  25. “Some Ideas on the Re-Industrialisation of India.” A proposal for work on the role of artisans and craftsmen in Indian industrialisation, September 1990. Republished in Rediscovering India. Mussoorie: SIDH, 2003.
  26. “Rediscovering the Russian Self.” PPST Bulletin 21 (1990): 11–16. Republished in Rediscovering India. Mussoorie: SIDH, 2003.
  27. “British Parliament Resolves to Christianise India, 1813.” A Note. Madras, January 1991.
  28. “Proposal for the Study of Indian Civilisational Literature.” May 1991.
  29. “Europe and the Non-European World since 1492.” Paper discussed at a seminar in Germany in March–April 1992. Republished in Rediscovering India. Mussoorie: SIDH, 2003.
  30. Brazil Conference on Environment, PPST Bulletin 23, June l992.
  31. Proposed Letter to all Members of the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha (concerning the Ayodhya Controversy), December 1992.
  32. “The Census of India 1881–1931.” A Note. August l993. Republished in Rediscovering India. Mussoorie: SIDH, 2003.
  33. “An Indian Understanding of Education.” Speech at the National Council for Teachers’ Education. New Delhi, August 1998.
  34. “Observations on the Towards Freedom Project.” February 24, 2000.
  35. “The Muslims are not the Problem”. Interview with Dharampal in the light of the Gujarat polls, January 2003.
  36. “A Note on Two Versions of the Vedas: One that is chanted from ancient times in brahmanical homes and Mathams, and the other which has been written and printed after 1850.” Sevagram, March–June 2003.
  37. “The People of India Project: A Survey of over 4000 Indian Communities. A Review Article.” New Delhi/Mussoorie, June–July, 2003.
  38. Note on Research Work on the Indian Ocean Region, September 2003.
  39. A Preliminary Note on Possible Causes of the Continuing Harassment of Shri Jayendra Saraswathi and the Kanchi Peetham by the Tamil Nadu and the Indian National Government Authorities. Sevagram, February 2005.
  40. “India 1947–1964: Events and their Background.” Sevagram, October 2005.


On Mahatma Gandhi

  1. “Reverting to the Gandhian Path: Some Ideas for Consideration.” Mainstream, August 13, 1977.
  2. “Structuring Hind Swaraj: Mahatma Gandhi in Action 1932–1940.” February 1982. Republished in Understanding Gandhi. Mapusa: Other India Press, 2005.
  3. “Rashtriya Andolana ka Vaicharik Adhaar: 1932–1940 Mein Mahatama Gandhi ki Sakriyata”. Dinman, March 14–20, 1982.
  4. “Towards a Reappraisal of the Gandhian Era: An Approach.” July– September 1982. Republished in Understanding Gandhi. Mapusa: Other India Press, 2005.
  5. “Society and Technology according to Gandhi and their Linkages with the Indian Past.” Lecture delivered at a Workshop on Curriculum of Science and Technology Policy Studies, IIT Kanpur, December 1982. Republished in Understanding Gandhi. Mapusa: Other India Press, 2005.
  6. A Note on the Gandhian Institute of Studies. Varanasi, May 1983.
  7. “Reconsidering Gandhiji: 1915–1948.” September 1984. Talk delivered at the meeting on Hind Swaraj at Sevagram. Republished in Understanding Gandhi. Mapusa: Other India Press, 2005.
  8. “Some Reflections on Mahatma Gandhi.” October–November 1985. Republished in Understanding Gandhi. Mapusa: Other India Press, 2005.
  9. “The Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi 1888–1948 and their Role in Indian Resurgence.” October 1986. Partly published in The Illustrated Weekly of India, January 25, 1987. Also republished in Understanding Gandhi. Mapusa: Other India Press, 2005.


Writings in Hindi

  1. “Gandhiji, Bharatiya aur Paschimi adhunikta: Ek Chintan.” A Proposal to take up the Post-Graduate Study Programme by Gandhi Seva Sangh, 1994.
  2. Inaugural Address in Hindi at the Annual National Conference of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad, Indore, 1995.
  3. “Mahatma Gandhi par ek chintan.” Translated by Kanakmal Gandhi, 1996.
  4. “Hamare Sapano ka Bharat.” A.C. Sen Memorial Lecture, 1996.
  5. “Unnisvin shatabdi: Bharat main angrezi raajya ki prastaavna.” Sevagram, December 2, 1999.
  6. “Bharatiya svatantrata ke sangraam ki vijay ya angrezon ki den?” Sevagram, Februrary 14, 2000.
  7. “Sukha bhogana hai to angrezon dvara sthapit raajtantra chhodana hoga.” Sevagram, May 1–2, 2000.
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  9. “Hamaare agyaan ki jadein kahin gehri hain.” Himalaya Raibaar, January- February 2003 (written in 1987).
  10. “Asprashyata ki jadein.” Himalaya Raibaar, March–April 2003.
  11. “Atharahavin Shatabadi mein Europe aur Bharat ka Takrav: Vigyan aur Shilp ka Shreya.” Himalaya Raibaar, July–August 2003. (Second in a series of three talks on the topic “Conflict between Europe and India in the 18th century”, held at the Gandhi Peace Foundation, New Delhi, September 1978, later published in Dinman).
  12. Untitled (Observations about Savarkar, the RSS, and reflections on the Westernisation of India). Sevagram, July 23, 2004.
  13. “Bhartiyata wapasi ke liye kuchh sujhav.” Himalaya Raibaar, September- October 2004.
  14. Untitled (Statement regarding the harassment of the Kanchi Shankaracharya), Text for Dainik Jagran, December 13–14, 2004.
  15. “Bharat ke swatantrata sangraam ki badi bhool.” Varanasi 2005.
  16. Untitled (Reflections about Sevagram, and about realising Gandhiji’s conception of the “oceanic circles”). October 21, 2005.
  17. “Raj aur samaaj ka rishta theek naheen tha.” Lecture delivered at Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal. Reported in Dainik Bhaskar, November 11, 2005.
  18. “Vartamaan sabhyataa se mukti paaiye.” November 21, 2005.
  19. “Shiksha par ek bhartiya drishtikon.” Himalaya Raibaar, May–June 2007.
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  21. “Gandhi Ashram aur samaj ka sajeev rishta.” Himalaya Raibaar, September–October 2007 (written in Sevagram on October 21, 2005).
  22. “Poorn Swarajya ki Disha.” Himalaya Raibaar, September–October 2007.
  23. “Atmakathan.” Himalaya Raibaar, September–October 2007. (Preface to the Gujarati translation of Dharampal’s Collected Writings, written in January 2005).
  24. “Hind Swaraj.” Himalaya Raibaar, January–April 2008.
  25. “Vigyan evam takniki shiksha matrabasha ke madhyam se ho.” Himalaya Raibaar, n.d.

Interviews and Profiles

  1. Jayaprakash Narayan. A letter “On Dharampal and his Work” to Chief Minister, Bihar, September 20, 1973. Republished in Rediscovering India. Mussoorie: SIDH, 2003.
  2. “Vikas ek aoupniveshik dharana hai.” (in conversation with Shri Banwari), Dinman, August 1980.
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  10. “Prospective Research Programme.” Interview with Pawan Gupta, Mussoorie, July 2, 2003.

Contributions by Readers

  1. The Wonder that was India by K. Kesava Rao